Jin-Kim Niu, 12th

"I wanted this piece of art to illustrate the importance of women coming together and fighting for gender equality."

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Hand in hand

IMG_6138 - Yun Wen Sher.JPG

Pieces of Hands

Christine Sher, 11th

"This artwork was inspired by artist MC Escher who is well known for using math, repetition, geometry, scale, and values to create incredible illusions in his art. 2D puzzle pieces and 3D hands create both realistic and unrealistic illusions."

Kaia Else Bui, 9th

"This is a portrait of a woman with green eyes made with colored pencils on black paper."

C5D57C75-F914-4CFC-91B4-45A5315EEC6B - K

A Green-Eyed Woman’s Portrait


Amanda Wan & Sophia Zhang, 10th & 11th

"Sophia and I choerographed this piece together. We wanted to let other people know more about ballet."

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 5.03.21 PM.png


Mia Del Rosario, 12th

"Growing up my abuelita would teach me how to do embroidery when i visited her in Mexico. Now, as I get older I can do more intricate and special designs to showcase."

IMG_5580 - Mia Del Rosario.jpg

The Quarantine Files

Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 11.26.08

capstone h9

Simran Patel, 11th

"I made this artwork in my 9th grade humanities class for my capstone final project. It was part of a childrens book."

cap - Simran Patel.jpg

capstone h9

capstone - Simran Patel.jpg

capstone h9

C78A3DDA-3FB0-4504-833F-46652312025F - K

Juxtaposed Manifesto of Superficial Matter

Kamryn Scott, 12th

"I saw a similar piece hanging on the wall of a restaurant bathroom in Buffalo, NY and I thought it was so unique and creative! I decided to recreate it catering to the colors of my room."

Emily Yu, 12th

"This piece explores the depth of negative human impact on the environment, represented by the layering of unnatural and grotesque shapes."

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The Weight of the World

Yusrah Khan, 10th

"This is a charcoal portrait that explores the emotional and physical state of a woman who has experienced all the weight on her shoulders to the point where she has a breakdown. Every single detail, value and texture of her expression was aimed to have a feeling that is relatable or brings upon a deeper meaning and mood to the piece."

Bian Lee, 11th

"Mamma Mia! curtain call."

musical - Bian Lee.JPG

Mamma Mia!

Hope in the Big Apple.JPG

Hope in the Big Apple

Saba Nabaeighahroudi, 10th

"Inspired by M.C. Escher, my artwork was made around 9/11, so I thought it was fitting to place my character in New York as an homage to the innocent people who lost their lives that day, while also showing other skyscrapers in New York to show that we picked ourselves back up after the devastation that day. I also gave her a mask, since so many have lost their lives in New York due to Covid-19 and the large population density of the city."

Fawaz Khan, 9th

"A boy standing alone in between 2 trees in autumn. He is in front of a far-away lake, farm, and skyline."

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 9.34.30 AM.png


IMG_2494 - Huibing Xie.jpeg


Scarlett Xie, 9th

"An old boot on a blanket, drew with color pencil."

Kira Matsuoka, 9th

"For the Painting and Drawing elective, students were requested to create an art piece using metal or glass pieces to educate us on texture. My artwork is a recreation of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam painting but with forks to symbolize the gap between two forks, two people, that otherwise would seem similar."

Advanced Texture Project - Kira Matsuoka

Michelangelo's Creation of Metal

Coronavirus - Xuchao Li.jpg

War Against Covid

Xuchao Li, 11th

"Mimicking George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River painting, my water color piece reflects the 'war' against the coronavirus. This painting depicts hardworking healthcare workers sailing across the river of virus towards the light which symbolizes the light at the end of the tunnel."

Sarah Xie, 9th

"It's a golden field back in England, Bath."